Is this the mark of John Harris?

This is a silver skewer with quite nice hallmarks for London 1802. Am I safe in thinking the maker’s mark is “I H” for John Harris? I can’t find any maker with the marks “H I”. And is the “V” mark obliterating part of the maker’s mark that of the journeyman?
Many thanks for any illumination on this!
Nick Michael, Donneloye, Switzerland
John Harris?

IH is probably John Hawkins who registered an IH mark like this in November 1802.


Thanks so much Phil! I use English silver hallmarks: maker marks identification of British Silversmiths AF-AZ
but it has rather a limited number of documented silversmiths. Is there a better site, by chance?
Many thanks again

Try my site:

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Many thanks Phil, that looks better. V. grateful for all your help and generosity, this is a really great forum…