is this trumpet silver please?

ive got this trumpet which belonged to my granddad, my friends grandson recently started learning the trumpet at school, they gave him this plastic one to use, so I said, ive got a proper trumpet he can use and fetched this one round, now my friend thinks its silver so wouldn’t let his grandson use it and gave it back to me.
im not sure, it does have an anchor stamped on it, some numbers and the word foreign too,
heres some pictures, the colours a bit off in the first two pics, it does look a lot more silver than in the pictures, picture 3 is probably the most accurate for colour.
its not very heavy, just over 1Kg

any information would be great, if it is silver should I polish it?
would it come up all shiny or is old silver better left as it is?

thank you for any replys

I see no evidence of it being silver although it may very well be silver plated. Whether it is silver, electroplated or some other metal there is no good reason not to clean it. I suggest a bit of soap and water in the first instance - it is possible that it is lacquered so silver polish may not be a viable option.

ok thank you for the quick reply, I think it was the anchor that made him think it was silver, nothing else.
and thank you for the cleaning tip, I would have never thought just soapy water, you see so many chemicals out there you sometimes over look the basics :slight_smile: