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Israel Freeman & Son Hand Chased Pitcher, Silver or Plat

I have a beautiful Hand Chased Silver 15" tall Pitcher by Israel Freeman & Son of London England founded ca. 1928. I’m not sure if it’s silver or silverplate. I have cleaned several silver serving pieces, holloware etc, and this one is very light, not typically of a metal based piece. When cleaning it went from heavily tarnished to sparkly white with very little effort, which is typical of sterling. It is stamped with the makers trademark (hand and chisel) IFS LTD, MADE IN ENGLAND, HAND CHASED. It is also hand engraved with the numbers 9651. I did some research and found some information regarding a silver content of 965 (965 of 1000 parts silver) but it wasn’t a solid source of information in my opinion. Is there 965 silver? and would the numbers 9651 indicate this pitcher is 965 silver content? This piece has a hollow handle and the base isn’t weighted. There are some very minor dents and dings. The base piece is a separate connected piece with a dull silver colored underneath surface. Is it possible the body, neck and handle are 965 silver content and the base is plated? Any information, opinions, etc. are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

Without any indication of silver fineness or content e.g. ‘Sterling’ or ‘925’ etc, then, at best, this piece would be silver plate.
Israel Freeman & Son were registered as silver/silverplate dealers not silversmiths, and would suggest the scratched 9651 is the pattern or design number of the actual piece.
Best regards