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J,F Curran & Co. Covered Bowl/Warmer


I have some sort of what looks like a butter chiller of some sort, It was made by J.F. Curran Circa 1870, I have not had any luck in guessing exactly what this is! On the bottom it has the stamp "J.F. Curran & Co. Extra Plate, New York, New York and what I’m presuming is a model number stamped on the bottom of 1380. I am enclosing as many pics as this site will allow and any help will be greatly appreciated!

Approximate value would be a great jump off point!

I have more pictures to show and will reply to my email,

Thank You!


I found out that this is a “Oval Roll Top Domed Butter Dish” Made in the 1870’s, Any idea on value?

Hi there Thad and thanks for joining us. American silver plate items usually have little commercial value. Yours appears in very good condition and its age may enhance the value to some extent. Check the “completed auctions” section of eBay and you may get an idea of the “real world” value of your item.


Uncle Vic

Thanks Vic!,

It really is in excellent condition, It seems J.F. Curran was only in business from 1870 to 1883, and even had my friends trying to figure out what is was. Everything from incense burner to egg poacher!

Thanks Again for the info and I love this site!