James Deakin & Sons Salt Cellar M1499

Hello all! Thanks for taking a look at my Salt Cellar.

The mark on the bottom of the cellar is:
[JD] [&] [S] with a little lamp inside a shield to the right (Sheffield?)

On the outer rim of the base there is the label “M1499”

There is damage near the handle, see picture.
Includes the scoop.

Taking into account the damage and that it still has its scoop, any ideas on what I’m looking at? Particular vintage, value etc. - any info is welcome. Thank you for your help!
Appraisal photo 1.jpg
Appraisal photo 2.jpg
Appraisal photo 3.jpg

This is electroplate rather than silver and it dates to the last couple of decades of the 19th century. With the damage I would have to say that the value is practically nil.

HI , this reply is several years too late but I have found this item in a james deakin catalogue that I own.

The item is actually a “sugar scuttle” ( I have one that belonged to my grandmother.
The original item was sold in both E.P.N.S and E.P.B.M. The first costing one pound ten shillings and sixpence. The second sixteen shillings and ninepence.

hope that is of interest to you.