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James Deakin teapot

I have a large teapot made by James Deakin & Sons. It is silver plate but has a peculiar almost lumpy finish; the pattern is etched. There is an acorn on top of the hinged lid. The handle has some kind of inserts near the top and bottom and I presume these are to prevent the conduct of heat from the contents of the pot.

The maker’s mark shows as JD & S followed by a crown, and then EP. Underneath it shows James Deakin but the following words are obscured. At the end of this line the letters ME appear. Underneath this line it says Sheffield. Below these lines there are numbers which are engraved in a more random fashion. These numbers are 5816 with the number 7 underneath.

Do you have a picture of the item? I was thinking the lumpy aspect of it might mean it has been damaged, but not too sure. I have seen many pieces that are lumpy, but they aren’t in mint condition. A picture would be the best guide, so the experts can help you (they’re good too, I’m learning a lot from them).