James Dixon & Sons flask

Hi All.

I bought this old flask online for close to nothing, just to use on my next ski trip. When I received the flask, i discovered markings on the bottom.
Could any of you help me with dating the flask? It look pretty old.
The lid is with the original cork inside.

Your flask is not silver so it’s going to be very difficult to date. It’s either electroplate or pewter. The maker’s name looks fairly crisply engraved so it’s probably not especially old.

I bought it from a 40 year old woman who inherited it from her grandfather. She has never used it. That could explain why it’s in such good shape?

Yeah, it’s silver plate, which JD&S is famous for in Sheffield. In fact, Sheffield silversmiths are renowned to make the best silver plate wares in all of UK, even compared to Birmingham made silver plate. Since it is silver plate/electroplate, accurate production date is difficult. JD&S used different fonts for their silver plate wares, which could give a clue to a general production time…let me research further.

Since the flask has the trumpet & banner maker’s mark with “James Dixon & Sons”, it was made after 1879 - present. Reference: https://www.nederlandsetinvereniging.nl/wp-content/uploads/6500/6542_ETV.pdf