James Dixon & Sons hallmark puzzle

Hi there, I recently purchased a James Dixon & Son 14" ladle at a Dallas, Texas, estate sale, and am hoping to learn what year it was made and what it’s made of. As the photo shows, the only marking on the back of the handle is “J D & S” in gothic-style lettering, along with what appears to be the number 1. Nothing else is there to for me to identify it further. (The front is engraved with the letter “M”) Thanks in advance for any help someone might lend! – Denise
M mono.jpeg
James Dixon Sons mark copy.JPG

The mark is one of Dixon’s electroplate marks. Electroplate does not normally have date marks so it is not possible to give a date for your ladle and I’m not aware of any work which might have been done to tie different forms of their trademarks to particular periods.

Thanks! Might it have been made between 1848 (when JD&S began making electroplate) and 1879, when it began adding a trumpet/banner hallmark (which I’ve seen on similarly made ladles)? -D.

Possibly, but it could also be 20th century - unless anyone else can be more specific.

Thanks again – I found this one, bit.ly/18AzK6z, but it has a trumpet hallmark – which all of them after 1879 apparently have, unless someone knows something otherwise?