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James Swann & Son fork - sterling? Star hallmark?

Hello all,
I have this fork which was amongst some definite hallmarked sterling silver cutlery (John Lias & Son, 1830s). The fork appears to be of the same quality, but there is no Lion Passant. From the hallmarks I have potentially identified the following: 1950, James Swann & Son, Hylton Street, Birmingham. The STAR hallmark is eluding me. So my two main questions are: Is it silver plate? What is the STAR hallmark? Appreciate any information that anyone can provide.

The fork is electroplated so the marks are not a hallmark. In addition it is not possible to assign a date - the “A” is an indication of plating quality, not a date code. I do not believe that this JS&S has been identified so far but it may well be J Sanderson & Son of Sheffield who are known to have used a 6-pointed star in some versions of their electroplate marks.


As always - your help is much appreciated!