Jc makers mark identify

Have a bracelet with a JC makers mark in a hexagonal box. Have a 925 stamp lion facing away and a t at the end …cant make out the rest. Any help greatly appreciated

The hallmark appears to be a London sterling mark with the date letter t for 2018, although I could be wrong as your pictures are not particularly clear. To identify JC you will have to contact the Assay Office directly although due to GDPR they will probably not tell you.


Hi Phil,

Thank you for your reply. Cant be 2018 as its been with us for the last 25 years. Finding lots of JC makers but only one uses the hexagon box as part of the stamp…but cant get any info about them.
I will see if i get a better view of stamp and continue my search.

Thanks again for your reply

The previous lower case t date letter for London was 1974 so that’s probably what it is. The 2018 t is upright while the 1974 one is more of an italic.

Hi Phil, thank you for the help, greatly appreciated.