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John Cramer Sterling Coffee or Chocolate Pot


We recently acquired an interesting piece and I was wondering if you may be able to help me understand more about it and provide info on what it may be worth, but that is not as important as the information on the piece. The piece is a John Cramer George III Coffee or Chocolate pot, the date mark is for 1808. I have found other pots he made, but none like this one. The marks are consistent on the pot, the lid (which is hinged), and the feet on the base. The bowl that held the warmer(?) has a J mark, so perhaps it was replaced at some point. I have been unable to decipher if it is a chocolate or coffee pot. A very ornate chocolate pot of his sold for close to $4000 at Christies; but this is nothing like that one. Thank you for your help with this mystery piece!


This is neither for coffee nor chocolate. It is a hot water pot; hence the need for a burner beneath it. I would not feel comfortable suggesting a value so I recommend that you have it appraised properly so that you can get an accurate idea of of what it would be worth in the American market.


Thank you very much for the information! This definitely helped me, now that I see the images of a water pot it all makes sense! Do you have any info on the maker, John Cramer or is there another place on this forum for questions about silversmiths?


Not much is known about John Cramer. The Goldsmiths Company have no record of his birth, death or apprenticeship but his mark was entered as a plate worker on 12th May 1797 with an address at 30 Charing Cross, London.


Thank you again for your help!