John Langlands II spoon?

Please help me in identifying these marks. I believe this spoon was made by John Langlands II. I have tried to find out about these marks online but I am still unsure what the last two marks are (the shield and the letter “N”).

It is a fairly large spoon that was my grandmother’s. It has her monogram on the front. I don’t know when she got the spoon, or when she had it engraved. I assume if it is really a John Langlands II spoon she inherited it and had her initials put on it. She was born in 1910 and died in 1976.

It is the only piece I have with these marks. We use it as a serving spoon at holiday dinners. Thanks!

Hi there,
I think you’re correct in thinking the spoon was made by John Langlands II. The last two marks are the Leopards head crowned (which was stamped onto all Newcastle hallmarked silver until 1883 when the office closed) and the date letter for 1803 (the N).

It is a lovely spoon, so I hope you enjoy using it.

Best regards