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John Sherwood & Son coffee pot

Hi, I just bought this cute lil guy today for $10 and I’m just looking for more info on it. It’s in pretty bad shape which I’m hoping to correct before I put it away in my curio cabinet. I can’t get a good pic of the marking but it is JS&S, a small beaver???, a crown, and a B.
and since Im already here where would a look for a original top knob thing?
Thanks in advance.
(Btw any advice on cleaning it is also appreciated.

It won’t let me upload a pic because its to big. I can email the pics if someone wants to see it.

If your picture is too big you can crop and/or shrink it with any graphical editor. The application which comes with Windows is a suitable application.

That said it sounds as if your coffee pot is electroplated and not silver. Depending on its condition you may not be able to “correct” its problems. You may be able to find another pot of some sort in even worse condition with a suitable finial, but it might not be worth the effort.

Clean it as you would if it was solid silver - with a good quality silver polish, but be gentle as the plate may be very thin in places.

Still not letting me upload.
But here is the pic … =1&theater

Strangely enough not everybody has a Facebook account. If you want people to see your picture please use a publicly available host. Or perhaps one of members who can see the picture would like to post it for those who can’t?