Jug in shape of milk churn - details please

I recently bought this metal jug in the shape of a bulbous milk churn because I liked its shape and I thought it might be an Edwardian visual pun.

It has two numbers impressed within circles on the base - a “1” over a “2”.

It stands approximately 12 cms high.

I know nothing about its age or provenance. I would appreciate any details.

Jenny Nicholson.
jug and lid.JPG
jug base.JPG
jug whole.JPG

This type of jug is commonly called a Jersey Jug.

I would imaging the 1 over 2 on the base indicates it hold half a pint, judging by the height you’ve given.

Hope this helps

Emma :smiley:

Thank you Emma.
Your information has helped me do a bit more research.
With no other marks, it is a bit difficult to determine what material it is made of but I think it might be silver plate.