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Jug obviously non silver but with lion passant

Opened as new topic as requested.

Dear all
I bought this jug and it looks like silver plate yet it is marked with as lion passant and anchor of Birmingham.

What do you think of it?


A number of American manufacturers are known to have used an anchor and a lion passant in their marks but these are usually very distinctive. The marks on your claret jug seem to be more intended to deceive than, say, a Gorham mark. I have searched for this mark but have not yet found anything so for the time being at least it will remain a mystery.

From which country did you buy the jug?


Hi Phil

Thanks for your reply and for the fascinating subjects on your web site.

I bought the jug in Italy from a second hand shop for 10 euro.

I polished it and it is clearly not silver but it is really nice and I like it.

Thanks again