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JW Tufts - Double Hinged Footed Box

Silver Collector Forum:
Hello, I just joined your glorious forum community & this is my first post.

I picked up this little silver plated double hinged lid JW Tufts box yesterday and was intrigued by the quality and detail of the simple aesthetic-movement piece. As shown, the bottom reveals a 1878 PATENT date for something associated with its design (electro-deposition?)

Dimensions: (Approximate)
3" x 3.25" x 3.5" (LxWxH)

It has an original green velvet type of lining inside. I have never seen such an item, but I am a novice collector so that in itself is not surprising. :laughing:

Thank you for sharing your insight & expertise!



Hi there Andy and thanks for joining us. J.W. Tufts was in business from about 1875 to 1915 and made silver plated goods. American silver plated items from that era have little commercial value as compared to sterling, but because your box appears in excellent condition and has an attractive pattern, I’d venture its value in the $50-100 range.


Uncle Vic

Thank you. I see you are in BR. I live over here in Mandeville. (small world!)
I paid $20 for the box so I think it was a good deal overall.
Thanks for the reply and info.

BTW, What was this box used to hold? Toothpicks?


Indeed a small world…my wife & I have a place over on the Tickfaw River not too far from you where we spend most weekends.

I’d say the box was probably intended for calling cards, but it would do fine for toothpicks too. You certainly got your money’s worth with it…I particularly like the Heron/Egret motif…we have lots of them strutting around in our yard over on the Tickfaw River, including one the neighbors have named Henry that is puppy dog tame.


Uncle Vic

I agree that it was probably used for something other than toothpicks,

To me, it seems a little small for current modern “business cards” and I am not familiar with what size(s) might have been used for calling cards back in the day. Does its green velvet interior lining help you in figuring out what its original purpose may have been?

I also love the heron/egret motif. (reminds me of home!)

I also found a nice vertical open toothpick holder from TUFTS (same original owner) and time period. (another reason I don’t think it was for toothpicks!)


The green velvet interior suggests a small jewelry box?

Uncle Vic