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Kenilworth International sterling coffee/tea service

Ive had this Coffee/tea service 5pc. set(w/ tray) since the early 1970s from my mother. Its in excellent condition. On the bottom of each piece its reads:


I am having a hard time finding an approximate value. Any information would be appreciated. The tray I believe is mix matched, it reads “W-4 Made in England” on the bottom.
Silver Tea service2.JPG

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Your sterling silver tea/coffee set was made by the International Silver Co. of Meriden, Connecticut. Replacements, Ltd. ( has the coffee pot for sale for $800 and the waste bowl for $300. Their asking prices tend to be on the very high side. Your tray appears to be silver plated, and if so, the set is wroth in the neighborhood of $2,500.

Sterling tea and coffee sets are not as popular today as they once were, and the above price estimate is consistent with what I’ve seen in the past several years. I bought a similar American sterling set a couple of years ago at the Miami Beach antique show for $2,400.


Uncle Vic

Wow, what a surprise! Thanks for the info! That was perfect. Now off to ebay I go.

I also have the same service from my Mother who wants me to sell it for her. The underplate is silverplate, and was purchased separately from the teapot, coffee pot, sugar, creamer, and waste bowl. My question is should I include the silverplate tray, or sell it separately. I am also wondering what a decent starting bid would be as this is my Mom’s, not mine and I surely don’t want her to be unhappy :wink: .

Hilary, by all means sell the silverplated tray with the sterling set, but of course identify it as plated. We see very few sterling undertrays these days, most have gone to the scrap market for the silver content.

If I were selling a sterling tea set as you describe into today’s market, I’d ask $3,000 to start.


Uncle Vic

Thank you so very much! I appreciate it! I’m going to pick it up tomorrow and by Thursday I’ll have it on eBay. Again, thank you!!!