Knife Query

I’m hoping there are some cutlery experts here, because I would love to know what the exact purpose of this knife is. I picked this up in an op shop some years ago and have been puzzling about it ever since.

I don’t have a digital camera, so have scanned 2 knives, the smaller being a dinner knife from my cutlery set, the longer one being the one in question. And sorry about the quality of the scan.

This knife does not have a normal cutting edge and I’m not even sure which way round is the correct way to use it. The edge on the side of the ARG 800 mark is about the thickness of the back of my dinner knife. The opposite edge of the knife is much wider. It puts me in mind of a tool that used to remove old putty from windows and which is meant to be tapped with a hammer.

The handle and blade are in one piece, that is blade is same metal as handle. There are no other markings other than the ARG 800, so presume this is a silver knife of European origin.

But what do I use it for?
Knife R.jpg

Dear Gertie,
whilst following another line of enquiry I came across a link that maybe can offer some more info on identifying your item.

To me it has a very good resemblance to a butter spreader,

Hope it helps


The knife is very similiar to a butter knife, but much larger. The length of the knife and its handle, in particular, suggests to me that it is some sort of serving piece. Perhaps it has a particularly European use, such as cutting a moist cake/desert like tiramasu.

Thank you for that neat site. I found lots of beautiful things to look at (a cutlery set for only $99,999.00 - what a bargain!) but the Piece Type Guide is extremely useful.