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Hello! I am hoping someone here can help me put a dollar value on a silver goblet I inherited. It has the mark of Krider and Biddle (cross anvils and the letters KB in an oval). Above the makers mark is the number stamp 61. Above this is the serial number N57897T. This number is hand engraved. On the opposite side of the goblet base there seems to be a fraction… it’s hard to read but I think it says 129/$6. the dollar sign in this case is actually an 8 with a line through it. next to this are the initials OH. TH.
All I know about this piece is that it comes from 19th century PA (usa) The condition is excellent. There are no dents at all. the pattern is beautiful and floral (tulips maybe?) it’s pretty tarnished and i am afraid to polish it. Please, If anyone knows anything more about this goblet, including an idea of value, I would be most appreciative!



the goblet looks very interesting. For compariables it might be worth having a look on our site as we have similar goblets.

TC, Stuart