L. Barth & Son Inc. loving cup? need info

I have an item that may be called a loving cup that I found at a church yard sale that I need help with. From the little information I could find, based on the mark, it was made by L. Barth & Son Inc. of New York sometime between 1868 and 1926, before the company merged with Albert Pick. The L. Barth & Son company was apparently a manufacturer/distributor of china, silver and other supplies to hotels, passenger trains, and ships. The cup I have is engraved with Nick’s on one side. I think it may be some type of advertising piece made by Barth & Son for a pub or restaurant. It is marked on the bottom with the L. Barth & Son Inc., New York, 5168 stamp. I have had two people tell me they think it is all silver, as it has no sliver plating marks on it. It nearyl 16 ounces. It is 4" across the bottom, 3-3/4" high (not including handles), with a 3" diameter opening.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. A close up photo of the marks would be helpful, but virtually all American sterling (solid) silver is marked with the word(s) “sterling”, “sterling silver” or “925/1000”. On the other hand, virtually all American silver plated goods are unmarked, so the absence of “sterling” incicates it is almost certainly silver plated, not solid silver.


Uncle Vic