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Lackawanna Railroad Sugar Bowl

I found this at a flea market, thought it might have some value. On the front it displays “Lackawanna Railroad” inside a flat rectangular frame, The label doesn’t protrude much, maybe a millimeter. That’s everything you can find on the outside. On the bottom it reads,
10 oz.” all centered, and to the left there is a little square box with a “20” inside.
I couldn’t find much about it, so I decided to post this here since it was from a company that makes sterling silver. I am hoping to find out at least approximately which year this may be from and maybe if it’s worth anything.

“Silver Soldered” means that your bowl is electroplated rather than solid silver so it has no intrinsic value. It may have some value to collectors of railroad memorabilia but I couldn’t put a value on it myself. Neither can I help witn a date as I don’t think that there is any method of accurately dating International’s output.