Ladies fixed lug silver ?? watch

Hi, I have a small round manual wind ladies wrist watch with fixed lugs. When I opened the back I noticed what I think are silver hallmarks but I am unable to identify any of them, can anyone help please ?.

  1. At the top is a square with the capital letters GS inside.
  2. Underneath on the left is an oval with the numbers 925 inside.
  3. next to the 925 is another oval with a cross & what looks like a capital U in the middle of the cross.
    4)Underneath these two is what looks like a stylized letter G inside an archway with two curves along the bottom of the archway.

Difficult I know from only a description but my camera is playing up.

Hi, as you say it’s tricky without a picture but here’s my 10 cents worth. The U in a cross could be the import mark for London from 1906. The sylised g could be the date letter for 1922/3 and the GS could be for George Stockwell who was an importer of silver. The 925 was added as part of the assay process on imported silver. I hope this guesswork turns out to be somewhere close to factual. Anyway hope it helps.

I support Tony’s ideas about your hallmarks. As you are unable to let us see pictures I thought I’d post versions of our guesses from my files. This is Stockwell’s sponsor’s mark (note the indent in the top border of the punch):

and here is a London import hallmark for 1922:

Are these what you see on your watch case?

Thanks for the replies, both of which are helpful.

The latter reply with the photo’s is almost exactly what mine are.
The only photo that is not the same is the stylized g. On mine, it is a capital G, other than that the others are exactly hte same.

Can you clarify what htey maen please.

Regards Peter

Sorry, rushed on the leyboard on the last reply.

I understand the info you gave except as I said, mine is a capital G.

Regards Peter

The 3 symbols are:

  • U shape in cross in oval: imported silver assayed in London
  • .925 in oval: fineness standard (i.e. 925 parts in 1000 = sterling silver)
  • letter: date code

There is no upper case G in the 2 date letter series with this shape punch. I wonder if it might be a lower case c?

This is the date code for 1918. If this is not your date letter you can find a table of date letters up to 1935 here.

That’s it exactly, I thought it was a G but because it’s large enough to see properly, I can see now that it’s a C.

Thank you very much for all your help guys.

Now I know exactly what I’ve got.

Thanks again.