Landeck Cat with Flute and Hinged Head

I have a 2" tall cat playing a flute. It is marked S.B.L., has a letter “F,” the number 930 on the paw, and three symbols that are difficult to see. The first symbol looks like a crown. The cat head is on a hinge and flips open to reveal a hollow opening. What is this item? And what is it worth? I have searched for days, including search terms pepperette, cast silver, painted metal, spelter, Vienna/Austrian bronze, cat musician, etc. Please help!

Sounds like you may have a Sheffield import mark - crown for Sheffield and “F” for import (used up to 1904). If so the other two marks will be the lion passant and a date letter in the range “a” to “m”. I don’t know what it might have been intended for originally but you can use it for whatever you like - ashtray, match holder, cat treat holder, etc. We may never see another for sale so an exact value is going to be difficult to arrive at but you may find other SBL imports in Ebay’s completed auctions listings.