Large Flask by James Dixon & Sons

Hi, I have acquired a large flask about 10" in height with hallmarks at the bottom. It has a dent in it but is otherwise in good condition. I don’t know if its silver or plate (how would I find out?) Is anyone familiar with this item? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
silver flask collage.jpg

Hi there - I’m the American silver guy, so sticking my neck out a little, but I can tell you it is silverplate since it lacks the “required by law” UK sterling silver marks, and the “Made in England” is a sure tip-off that it is not sterling. No opinion on value other than not much.


Uncle Vic

Thanks for the info. I didn’t think it was sterling but I’d definately like some history on it and how much it might be worth.

What you have is a Britannia Metal (form of silver plating) Hip flask, Made by James Dixon & sons, from sheffeild Uk, Well known, silver and silver plate and pewter manatfactorers, Dates from around 1935 -1950, Value around £8 to £15
If it was in better condition it would make around £20 -£30

cheers Richard

Thanks Richard. Bit of a bummer as I thought it might be worth more but still, I didn’t lose any money on it.