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Large spoon hallmarks silver or plated

Hi could someone help identify these markings

Silver or plated

Regards Tony

This is almost certainly sterling silver with the London crowned leopard’s head in the punch shape used between 1739 and 1755. Because the other marks (which should be lion passant, date letter & maker’s mark) are too worn to recognise there must remain a very slight doubt but my confidence level in it being as I have said is somewhere up around 99%.

The family who owned this originally may be identifiable by searching for the armorial in “Fairbairn’s Crests”, several editions of which are available on line.


Thank you again

I was confident it was silver because of the only clear marking of the Chester head just thought worth having a second opinion

Very helpful

There is no indication of a Chester mark here. If you meant “jester” it is most certainly not one despite the erroneous use of the word on the internet. It is, as I wrote in my reply, a crowned leopard’s head where the word leopard is a heraldic term for a lion.

Jester is what I meant :+1:

Thanks for your help again

The markings are very poor but that’s acceptable for age