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Las Vegas collector spoon - need a little help

I inherited some silver pieces from my mother (which she inherited from my grandmother) & I am trying to identify the ones I don’t know anything about.

This is a collector spoon from Las Vegas, NV.

The mark is an “S” in the center of a pair of wings.

The spoon area has a burro carrying a bundle of wood on it’s back and is standing in front of what appears to be houses maybe.

Engraved at the bottom of the spoon are the words “Las Vegas, NV”. The handle appears to have a flower at the top with the leaves and stem going down.

Hi there and thanks for joining us. The spoon was made by George W. Shiebler & Co. of New York, NY and is sterling silver. Its a souvenir spoon from Las Vegas - such spoons were very popular in the early to mid-20th century in the US and almost every tourist destination had its own spoons.


Uncle Vic