Leadenhall Club Tankards

I have a set of silver tankards - two 1 pint and 2 1/2 pint ones which are stamped with the words ‘Leadenhall Club’ on the side. There are halmarks on the bottom of the tankards but they differ, suggesting perhaps that they were made by different companies at different times but to a standard design. Any info on their history much appreciated.I have included a link showing the tankards and one of the hallmarks. Thanks Paul

These are electroplate, not silver. You will see the letters EPNS (electroplated nickel silver) around the shield with MH&Co in it. MH&Co is Martin, Hall & Co, a Sheffield company. The other mark with the bird (or flying fish?) above it may also have EP on it.


Thank you very much for the info Phil… My interest in the mugs was triggered by the fact that I purchased them from an an antique shop when living in the US but the Leadenhall Club markings are almost certainly from the City of London, but I can find no trace of the club in online searches. I assume they are from the 1920s or early 30s as the Company seemes to have ceased trading in 1936.

The Leadenhall Club is in the 1937 telephone directory but not in 1934 and continues to appear until 1969 but has gone by 1971.