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Lee & Wigfull?

I have a pair of (I think) Candle Sticks.
One is marked on the base in a straight line
L & W in seperate squares, followed by an anchor, followed by EP (on it’s side). Under this is the number 2684 1/2 (the 1/2 is a proper 1over 2)
The second is marked in a triangle shape, again seperate squares
L & W.
I can’t make out the mark underneath this, but under the unknown mark is the numbers 2684 1/2 (again it is a proper 1 over 2)
Both are very tarnished as they have been laying in a barn since before I bought this place 8yrs ago.
Could you confirm they are Lee & Wigfull and/or give a rough idea of their age. If they have any value that info would also be appreciated, although I assume they are to tarnished to have much worth.

Thank you

I also think L&W is Lee & Wigfull. As they are electroplated the date is going to be difficult to pin down, but they are probably late 19th or early 20th century.

These are vases, not candlesticks and would certainly have some value, if not a lot. Assuming they were in good condition, probably £10-£15 for the pair.

Tarnish can be polished off using a standard silver polish and they should look a lot more attractive. However from your picture I think that what we are looking at is plate loss rather than tarnish. Plate loss unfortunately reduces the value to practically zero.

Thank you for your prompt reply. At least I now know what I’m looking at.