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This is the ‘bar’ after all …
I have observed this wonderful site for many years, and have contributed recently - I have a question that may raise a ‘smirk’.
I was attending a friend’s dinner party with my wife , a really pleasant & social evening, a point at which a felt a kick under the table (from her!). Have I said something? Have I made an uncouth comment? (not unknown)
What I was unconciously doing was turning the cutlery over to check the marks!! And I may add, mentally checking any silverware on the table.
Any others guilty of this?
With only best regards

It’s so difficult not to, isn’t it? I have to admit to having done it myself but the friends at whose house we were eating know my interests very well, so I think I got away with it.

I plead guilty too…in fact, a few weeks ago I was…well, dragged to a flower show by my Bride of 44 years…and they had some wonderful camelia blossoms on display, table after table of the various strains…and then I spotten two small tables decorated with camelia blossoms and set with nice china, crystal, and SILVER!!! So I tried to not look like I was about to pocket the silver and flipped a few over to examine the marks on the back…shoot, it was not even plated, it was stainless…and I was nabbed by the Bride and given a real dirty look…all for naught.

Guilty, Your Honor, guilty…

Uncle Vic

Ahh Uncle Vic, understand completely.
Only yesterday, and not quite proud of this, but underlines our ‘problem’ :confused:
I was attending a funeral, and … well I’m sure you can guess, that on the table on the exit where cards of respect are placed, there were ‘silver’ ornaments small silver vases of flowers.
With the cards smudged with water and my sleeve still wet from lifting one of them, my wife is still not talking to me :blush: