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letter "D" on whiting ladle

HI I have a Whiting ladle that is marked with the standard W/lion but then comes what looks like a letter D then stirling pat 1893. can anyone tell me what this D signifies? i’m sure it’s not a date mark because i think they did’nt start date marks untill1905.
look at the attatched photo and see what ya think.
thanks alot :smiley:
imperial ladel 5 copy 3.jpg

Hi there Jordsy and thanks for joining us. Whiting’s date marks - used from 1905 until 1924 when it was bought out by Gorham - were geometric figures, not letters. And some very off-the-wall geometric figures they were. I can’t match any of them up to the figure you show in your photo (and by the way, your photo is outstanding, please take note, readers). Please take a look at the Whiting date marks on and see if you can match it. The patent date on your piece would be the earliest date that it would have been made (there are a few expections to this general rule) and all subsequent production years of that pattern would carry the same 1893 patent date. The only Whiting 1893 patent date pattern I see in my American flatware reference by Phil Dreis is “Imperial Queen”. If the mark you show is not one of the date marks, it could be a weight mark as many American flatware makers produced their goods in several different weights from “T” for Trade or light, to “H” for Heavy, etc. I do not see such a marking system for Whiting however.

My last “toss-it-out guess” is that the mark is the “r” in a circle for Registered Trade Mark referring to the W/lion.


Uncle Vic

Hi uncle Vic thanks for the welcome and the advice. it is indeed an imperial queen piece.
Thanks again for the help, I really have a very limited knowledge of american silver marks so it’s great to learn something new.