Liberated WW2 Spoon

Hi, there is a story that I have been told about my grandfather that a set of silver cutlery the family has was “liberated” from a German officer’s mess during a WW2 Commando raid.

The hallmarks on one of the serving spoons are set out below. Does anyone know what this says? It would be interesting to see if this was something that would be German in WW2.

Many thanks

I fear that I am going cast a whole deluge of cold water on your story: this is not a German mark and it is not silver. The first 3 marks read “E&Co” and are marks of the Birmingham (England) company Elkington & Co. The last mark reads “NS” for nickel silver which is a base metal alloy containing no silver at all. It is not possible to date the mark except to say that it is almost certainly 20th century.