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lighter help

hi i found this lighter in a box of bits i bit i brought just wondering if any one can help on age and what the hallmarks mean. pictures below

Hi there,
The full set are T&S for the maker/sponsor EJ Trevitt and Sons, next the lion passant indicating assayed as minimum 92.5% silver (sterling) three wheatsheaves which is the city mark for Chester and the B indicates the assay year of 1902/03. The part marks on the lid of the lighter repeat the lion and date letter. The lid was assayed because it is hinged.
Hope this helps.

hi there thank you for that information what i thought it was a old vesper case converted as the date stamp is for 1727 as the B is a scolled B a perfect match to the 1727 B follow link to see .

what i am guessing is this is a old victoran vesta case which T & S have altered it to a lighter as i have found other exsamples like this but they are victoran. im just guessing here as i dont no if they did it.

Hi there, the problem is that Chester didn’t start using the wheat-sheaves alone until about 1830/40 if I remember correctly. So if it were 1727 I would expect to see the other marks conform to that date which they, in my opinion, don’t. It’s difficult to tell from pictures if it was originally a vesta case converted to a lighter.

The only reason I think it is a vespa is, it has a match striker on the bottom what seems weird when it has a lighter Interals what are soldered in. I think this one might be a bit of a misteroy

the style though is edwardian, i do think it was a vesta case. In my opinion the style of the B is so similar to 1700’s, but as said earlier, the town mark is different so no hesitation in saying its edwardian.