Little bit of help please

Hi, I am an amateur when it comes to silver so was wondering if anyone could give me some information on some peices i have,

One is a silver sweet dish with the initials EPNS i understand this stands for Electroplated nickel silver but didnt know how valuable/fashionable this is

The second is a candleabra by a company called ianthe i believe.

The last is the most confusing of all. some sort of sweet dish with the letters ONEIDA engraved.

Enclosed is some pics

I also hope to sell these, have had some interests but dont want to rip people off so any sort of amateur


any help would be appreciated



Your pictures are too large to be viewed comfortably and the last one needs the image tag correcting. Aim for a maximum width of 750 pixels, and smaller preferably. Make sure that your pictures show the marks clearly. Include a picture of the complete item and let us know what makes you think they are silver.

EPNS in general has very little commercial value in comparison with solid silver and I suspect that all of your items are silver plate.