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Little milk can?

Hi guys,
I’m from France and i just bought a little milk can. I love it. I think it’s plated copper. Can you help me identify it?
Thanks! (Sorry for my english)

PGS = Plated German Silver. German silver is an old name for nickel silver, a base metal alloy similar to pewter. The “German” part of the name fell out of favour during the 1914-18 War. Assuming it is British (and it probably is) it must date from before about 1892 as the use of the crown on silver plate was outlawed about that time.

The manufacturer may be Silber & Fleming of London but there is no definite proof.

Your piece may be a one-person teapot.


Thanks a lot for your quick answer! I’m glad my teapot is quit old! :slight_smile: