Little silver pennies

1943 1943 bolts with no mint are they silver I never had silver pennies Indian Head 1900 is it worth any money do you know anything about it I’m tired of Google lying saying that your only work the penny value silver

Hello, to check coins I recommend this website, Numista:

I put his 1943 coins in the link, as they don’t have letters for his reference value I would say they are worth between $0.36 and $0.62. But there are already distortions with the value reported by them being lower than the value of silver in the coin, for example. Large circulation silver coins often end up being sold for the actual market value of the silver, in the same way that very large silver items I often see being offered for the value of their weight in silver, in order to sell more quickly is easy.

In the end, I really recommend looking at the actual resale market for the item, looking at how much they are asking for the same or similar items.

One thing, this coins is not silver, but Zinc clad steel.