LMRA spoon - Who might be the maker?

This teaspoon, struck for the London Middlesex Rifle Association, is hallmarked London 1939. I had only had a very cursory glance at the maker’s mark and thought it was probably Elkington & Co. as they were heavily involved in the production of items for the National Rifle Association and many other Bisley based clubs.

Having had a proper look as I continue the never ending process of cataloguing my collection I found that the maker’s/sponsor’s mark is in fact HP. The only reference I have found is to Humphrey Payne but he is listed as a 18th century maker and I’ve found nothing to suggest that the firm continued into the mid 20th century.

Did Payne continue in business or who might HP be?

Many thanks,

A bit more research and I have found the maker:

H. Phillips of Aldershot 1928-59