London 1819 or Exeter 1820?

A simple teaspoon with sponsor’s mark WH. However I’m not sure of the year and assay office. I think it could be London but elements of its provenance would make Exeter a possibility.

Can anyone help please?


The WH mark matches that of William Hope of Exeter, and the date is right for it to be him. My only misgiving is that Exeter lion passant marks of the period have straight lower edges; this could be an exception which I haven’t seen before. My judgement: probably William Hope, Exeter 1820.


Thank you very much Phil. The spoon came from a relative who lived all their life in the Exeter and Plymouth area so this would tend to support your view that originated from there.

Thanks again,

William Hope worked in Plymouth Dock and hallmarked his silver at the Exeter Assay Office.

Thank you for that information. All the circumstantial evidence would indicate that Phil’s opinion is correct.