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Looking for a maker of this rooster pendant

I found this silver rooster pendant at a flea market, so it could be from anywhere and any time. There are two stamps on the loop, one clearly says 925, so sterling silver, and the other is very small and hard to make out but I think it says “☆ 437 A”. I’d love any help in finding out where this pendant comes from, thanks!

It’s Italian. "* 437 A " is a partial maker’s mark - there will be another letter after the “A” signifying the province name. If you can make out the second letter you might be able to find the maker by searching here.


Thank you so much Phil!! I’ll try make out the other letter. I will let you know if I find anything

I believe it says 437 AR, which means it is made by Italiana Horo. Thank you so much for your help!