looking for East Carolina Silver Company - Hartsville, SC

I am looking for any items from the East Carolina Silver Company which manufactured silver plate holloware in Hartsville, SC from 1907 to 1909. The mark was a “circular four-inch bar of steel with a palmetto tree engraved in the center. At the top of the circle are the words, E. Carolina Silver Co.; and at the bottom, Hartsville, SC” I have only ever see examples from this manufacturer at a museum in Hartsville, SC. I realized the company only operated for a short time, but I would like to own an example from this manufacturer.

Adam Foard

Have small pitcher with logo you describe engraved on bottom, I.e. palmetto tree,
e. carolina silver co., hartsville sc., quadruple silverplate. Slightly damaged. If interested,
contact with offer.


Please email me so we can discuss this privately. adamfoard88@hotmail.com.


I am also looking for items from East Carolina Silver Company…Please contact me if any is ever up for offer…Thanks,Steve

I have a small pitcher with lid, and raised floral decor around the bottom. In addition to the marking, there is the number 1704. Please let me know if you want to discuss this further. Thank you!

Pincoya, just wondering if you still have this piece?

carolina silver co. hartsville sc. quadruple silverplate. Slightly damaged…? :smiling_imp:

Do you still have this piece? If so, are pictures available…

Only found this website today, looking for East Carolina Silver, does anyone have items that they would interesting in selling?

I have recently acquired a pretty little pitcher that is quadruple plate silver with the E Carolina Silver CO Hallmarks. If anyone is interested please contact me. I will be putting it up for auction on eBay within the next few days. Thanks!

hi i have a nice bread tray if anyone is interested its also listed on ebay