Looking for help identifying plz!!!

im not sure how to read this…these are the only marks on this serving bowl…i think it may be glasgow silver and i believe its could be 1889 or 1941 but am not sure at all…it doesnt have the 4 halmarks that seem to be standard on silver…any help is appreciated…

No, this is not Glasgow and not even British which is why you don’t see the hallmark you are expecting. It’s American, by the Frank Smith Silver Co of Gardner, Mass.

ahhh…i see…well tnx for that info…i looked and looked and could not find the maker…i greatly appreciate tht :slight_smile:

is there anyway to date this with just that info…its the only thing written anywhere…im guessing not…i know its between 1186 and 1958 but would like to narrow it down if possible…i have questions about cleaning or not cleaning also, but will post pics and questions in the proper forum