Looking for Help in Identifying Mark - Lorgnette


Newbie here but have bookmarked this site since it has a wealth of information.

I would appreciate any help in identifying the maker of a lorgnette I was lucky enough to find in a local thrift store recently. I’ve searched but have not been able to come up with the maker.

When I got it home I found Inside the piece that it says “STERLING” along with what looks like a backwards “E” or “F” connected to what looks like the letter “K”. At least that’s what these old eyes see. LOL

The lorgnette is in working order.

The tassel attached is also interesting because it has hundreds of small individual metal rings wrapped around the thread or string that make up the tassel. I am thinking they are not silver since they are still so shiny and possibly added to the lorgnette years later.

Also any idea about the age would be appreciated. Also should I clean this or leave as is?

Thanks in advance,

2.22.10.AM 143a.jpg