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looking for help with silver box

I would like some help if possible. I have a silver heart shaped box highly decorated with what looks like naked men and women dancing they have masks on back of there heads and there are large urns on it as well underneath it has markings the first one is lots of V’s in a circle underneath is a trumpet like with a scroll hanging down then there is
J B & S in little squares in really old writing style on the London date chart it is the writing of 1750’s underneath then under that is E P B M again in little boxes then under that is 9135 the box is in good condition and is lined
can someone help to where this would be from?
cheers heather

Your box is electroplate (EPBM = electroplated britannia metal) and may be British, but without a picture we cannot identify JB&S. It can be no older than late 19th century.