Looking for information about hallmarks

Hello everyone,
I am looking for more information about a small bowl. I would be very interested to know where it comes from and how old it is.

The bowl is engraved with the hallmarks that can be seen in the pictures. (The color is just a reflection)
I was able to determine the following, but could not verify it: Here’s what I was able to determine but not verify:
POLLET VIRTUS could be the crest and motto for the Pole family, perhaps the Pole family of Shute House, Devon?
The initials are difficult to make out. This one appears to be a W and the last one a P. I’m not sure about the middle one.
There was a Sir William Templer Pole, 7th Baronet, 1782-1847 and his son was Sir William Edmund Pole, 9th Baronet, 1816-1895.
Can anyone help me and tell me the exact meaning?
Many thanks and best wishes from Cologne


This is not English due to the lack of hallmark. The tremolierstrich implies a European origin, probably German.

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But what about the engraving and the Pole-Family, which ist clearly british? That doesn´t make sense to me.

I have checked Fairbairn’s Crests and agree that the motto and armorial definitely belong to the Pole family from Devon. I can only think, therefore, that this bowl (which appears to be a salt) was acquired in Europe, brought back to England and then personalised with the engraving.

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