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Looking for information on coffee pot

The only marks found are F.B. Rogers. Would like any information year it was made or where it was made.
From what I have found out it is pattern # 2377 (from
Thank you for the help.
Coffee Pot-01.jpg
FB Rogers mark-01.jpg
Coffee Pot Foot-01.jpg

Hi there and thanks for joining us. FB Rogers was founded in 1883 in Taunton, Mass. and through a succession of owners ended up becoming part of National Silver Co. in 1955, then sold to Boardman in 1985. Made silver plated holloware such as your pot. Te company used various marks over the years so perhaps a clear, close up photo of your mark may help narrow the date of manufacture.


Uncle Vic

Thank you, for the quick reply.
I tried to get a better photo of the marks. hope it works better.
There are no other marks and it is smooth all around the bottom. I have also looked in side and have not found any other marks. I did find 2 on ebay but they have extra marks. What does it mean if it only has the 1 mark?
FB Rogers Mark clear-1.jpg
FB Rogers Mark clear-01.jpg