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Lots of silverware

I have a collection of silverware from garage sales over the years and I am just wondering what I should do with them.
Are they of any value?
How can I find out what they might be worth? Some are dated 1910 and older and I was just wondering if I should trash them or if they are worth something.

Thank you for your help! … w=b5f12f30 … w=092ed724 … w=07c311e3

Hi there Loco and thanks for joining us. I’m sorry, but I can’t see your photos as it requires a log in. If your silverware is solid silver - i.e. “sterling silver”, it will have a good bit of value. On the other hand, if it is silver plated it would have little or no commercial value. Almost all American solid silver will be marked with the word(s) “sterling”, “sterling silver”, “925/1000 Fine”, or “coin”. American silver plated goods seldom indicate that they are plated.

We need to see clear, close-up photos of the marks and the entire item in order to be of more help.


Uncle Vic