M & S S EPNS mark

Apologies for posting non-hallmarks here, but I’m stumped as to who the maker of this EPNS cake knife might be. There are one or two other pieces on the web with the same stamp, but the sites don’t give the maker’s name. Almost certainly British. Thanks for any light on this…

My reference says it’s Maxfield & Sons of Sheffield. If it’s not them then it’s almost certainly a Sheffield manufacturer because of the second S.


Thanks Phil, I thought as much, but it doesn’t exactly match the marks on the one site which lists EPNS marks (see photo), and Maxfields seem always to use a beaver as emblem. Still, it’s very close to the one top centre, with the “A1” stamp, so I’m sure you’re right.
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Electroplate marks vary much more than silver marks so it is quite likely that even a site like the one we have both been looking at will not have captured the full range of marks.

Indeed. Thanks for your help Phil — and your tolerance for an off-topic subject…!