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Maker Marks German silver 1880's


I am wondering what this set of markings means in the attached photo.

H Schaper is my great grandfather and a prolific jeweler and silversmith in the late 1800’s. His shop was in Berlin, Germany.

The other makers mark is KOCH & BERGFELD. And the other is German 800 silver.
I am assuming the number is some sort of serial number.

My question is who exactly made the item. Is H Schaper the designer and Koch & Bergfeld the manufacturer?

I have other pieces with the H Schaper stamp without the Koch Bergfeld mark.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Mike S[/img]


Here is some information : … mark2.html


Thanks for the link. I have contacted Koch and am waiting for a reply. They sent me a link to one of their web sites that apparently does custom orders in silver. Unfortunately it is in German so I am slowly going through it with Google translate. They forwarded my email to someone in their customer service department so I will hopefully have some answers soon. Evidently the number sequence is an inside order number that could be used for some documentation if their records go back that far.