Maker of a Scottish silver vesta from Edinburgh

Please help me with the maker of a Scottish vesta. The initials are; J.W. K., it was assayed in 1904, in Edinburgh. It is silver and I think the maker may be John William Kirwan, but am uncertain.
Thank you

You are correct, but you could have found this for yourself from the excellent site at The Incorporation of Goldsmiths of the City of Edinburgh noted in the post below entitled “Hallmark Database”.

Thank you for your help. I did not know of this database and am grateful for your guidance.
I do have a question; on the City of Edinburgh web site, it states that Kirwan, James is first mentioned in 1907. My vesta is dated 1904. Should that information be sent to the database to update the first recorded dating of Kirwan?

Also, the database states that the “town” is London and Birmingham. Does this mean that Kirwan worked in those communities and had his products marked in Edinburgh? that he did not work and live in Edinburgh?

Thank you for all your help.

On the Edinburgh Goldsmiths site, if you click on the sponsor’s name, Kirwan & Co, you will see that they have the dates of registration as c1903-1916, so that covers your 1904 date.

Kirwan & Co had premises in both Birmingham (Vyse Street & Frederick Street) and London (Hatton Garden). They registered marks in Birmingham, Chester and London, and may also have sent silver to Sheffield for assay.