Maker's mark/date identification


I have an old umbrella with a silver pommel on the end of the handle. I cannot identify either the date or the maker’s mark. I think the date letter might be for 1934 (it’s quite heavily rubbed), but I can find no trace of the maker’s mark anywhere. I’d be grateful for help with this.

Sorry, I cannot identify the maker’s mark as there are no published references for London marks of this period. 1934 is certainly a possibility for the date but there are other candidates which I wouldn’t completely rule out (e.g. 1920 and 1932). The only certain thing is that it is definitely from the 1916-1935 date letter cycle.

For the maker’s mark you might try contacting the LAO directly via their web site: If you do contact them and get a reply we would very much appreciate it if you could update this topic.