Makers mark help needed? W&H

Hi guys iv have these set of silver spoons all have same design and same makers mark but some are Chester hallmarked and some Sheffield which seems odd but what I’m really after is help with makers mark W&H

W&H is Walker & Hall of Sheffield. They seem to have pretty much cornered the market for golf-themed spoons used as awards. As such I would expect that they bear hallmarks from a selection of years and that they would have been sourced from various manufacturing silversmiths in both Sheffield and Birmingham. 2 points to note here: first many Birmingham silversmiths used the Chester Assay Office; and second, although we refer to “makers’ marks”, in reality they are properly termed “sponsors’ marks” as they define the person or company legally responsible for the silver.


Thanks for the quick response and info. I did wonder if they was Walker & hall my doubts where only because there initials was not stamped in a flag symbol like I’ve seen before.
I will try to remember sponsors mark next Thanks again Phil.